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Masonic Chairs

Masonic chairs are lovely visual works of art. The Masonic symbols on them have existed for centuries and are part of the rich Masonic history. Freemasonry has its roots in what Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem represents. The Worshipful Master’s chair represents a King’s throne. Those deemed worthy or qualified to sit on the Worshipful Master’s chair are the ones that have been elected to the position of Worshipful Master. The Worshipful Master chairs are made of various designs. They could be roughly made wooden chairs or chairs that have been well adorned with filigree and gold.

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Masonic Jewelry and Regalia

Masonic Jewelry and Regalia Masonic jewelry and regalia include rings, pins, aprons, watches, clips, hats, tools and other items containing Masonic symbols. They serve as a form of identification and affiliation with the Brotherhood. They are worn with pride to both official and unofficial events. Regalia owned by Lodges Most masonic regalia are owned by lodges. They include the following, Tiler's sword The Master gavel Funeral aprons Masonic Hoodwink The three Lesser Lights The Bible Velvet collars, chains and other jewel of office for officers Warden’s Columns Rods and Rod Tops Clothes for candidates Aprons for officers The Masonic jewelry and regalia owned personally by members of the Brotherhood include the following: Masonic gloves Masonic shirts Masonic hats Masonic caps...

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