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How to Learn Degree Rituals Fast

When you become a Master Mason, you can decide to start studying degree rituals and begin your journey through the Masonic chairs to become a Lodge Officer. Most Freemasons learn rituals by attending lodge meetings and studying what they learned from these meetings. As a Mason ascends through the Masonic chairs, he must memorize new parts of the Masonic ritual. The ritual is not that difficult to learn. Millions of Masons all over the world have learned this ritual over the years. They never learned it all at once, and it took a gradual process for them to learn it. How Master Masons Learn Ritual Once you become a Master Mason, you can learn Freemason through the following ways, other...

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The Difference Between F and AM Vs. AF and AM

         The Difference Between F and AM Vs. AF and AM   F and AM states are different from AF and AM states. But what are the differences between them? What do they mean? In this article, we’ll shed more light on them. AF and AM are for Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. F and AM are for Free and Accepted Masons. In the United States and most parts of the world, it does not matter if you join an F & AM lodge or an AF & AM lodge. Every lodge in the United States is under a Grand Lodge in the state where it is located. There is no Grand Lodge Headquarters for the separate Grand Lodge in...

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The Masonic Shoe/Masonic Blue Slipper

The Masonic Shoe also called the Blue Slipper is a symbol that represents the physical confirmation of a spoken deed or bond. In ancient times, when you remove your shoes and give it to someone, you are confirming a contract. First Degree: The Shoe Connotes a Promise In the book of Ruth, found in the Christian Bible, Boaz, a rich landowner proposed to the closest kinsman of Ruth and exercised his legal right by redeeming the land of Naomi and marrying Naomi’s daughter-in-law. But the kinsman was unable to do so, and he left his right of purchase to Boaz. The Bible further explains that in Israel, a man removed his shoes and gave it to a neighbor for a...

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