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Masonic Emblems

Masonic emblems are different from Masonic symbols. Emblems can only have one meaning while symbols could have various meanings. Emblems are like a logo that represents an abstract concept. They are a visible form of the concept. Their meaning is quite easy to interpret unlike symbols. But some websites, historians and other people use the words symbols and emblems interchangeably. The iconic Masonic square and compasses is an emblem of the Freemason fraternity. The emblem is trademarked by the Freemasons. The square and compasses emblem has just one meaning, and it connotes Freemasonry. Immediately, it is seen anywhere, Freemasonry comes to mind.     The square and compasses emblem can’t be mistaken for something else, and it represents the abstract idea...

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What is Freemasonry?

A lot of people do not understand what Freemasonry is. They do not understand the core ideas and principles that Freemasonry is based on. Most authors just write gibberish concepts where they explain all that they know without imparting the true meaning of Freemasonry. They explain Freemasonry from their personal knowledge and concepts. They explain its benefits, symbolisms, philosophies, universality, history and virtues in several paragraphs. Freemasonry is like a mirror. What you see is what you get. The reflection you get is what you put in it. Henry Wilson Coil, Senior has the best answer to the question. ‘what is Freemasonry?’ This answer is in his book, ‘Conversations on Freemasonry.’ Facet of The Diamond Today, it is hard to...

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