OES Earrings

Elevate your style with our exquisite OES Earrings. Carefully crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each earring showcases the timeless symbols of the Order of the Eastern Star, including the five-pointed star and the intertwined letters O, E, and S. These captivating earrings are a true testament to the beauty and significance of the OES sisterhood. Made from high-quality materials, they exude elegance and sophistication, with stunning gold and silver plating. Whether you are an active member, an officer, or simply a proud supporter of the Order of the Eastern Star, these earrings accurately represent your devotion and... Read More
OES Earring - Golden

Member Price: $15.19

OES Earring - Round Dangle
OES Earring - Round Dangle

$14.99 $27.80
Member Price: $11.99

OES Earring - Handmade Colorful

Member Price: $15.19

  • 1PR
OES Earring - Painted Natural Wood

Member Price: $12.79

OES Earring - Diva Wooden

Member Price: $14.39

  • 5 PAIRS
  • 1 PAIR
  • Black Green
  • Dark gold
  • Reddish Brown
  • Rust red
  • +2
OES Earring - Wooden

Member Price: $14.39

  • 1Pair