Masonic Hats

Masonic hats are worn by Masters of lodges as a sign of their rank and status. This tradition goes back in time. The hat worn by a Master is a reference to the crown that was worn on the head of King Solomon.

In Lodges in the United States, most Lodge Masters wear Fedora style or Stetson Homburg hats. Other styles and brands can also be worn.

In Christian nations, it has always been a mark of respect for one to remove his hat, cap or whatever clothing item he had on his head in the presence of a superior. This is why most Christians men uncover their head in church.

In Oriental nations, the feet are uncovered whenever one enters a place or worship.


In history, kings wore crowns as a sign of their rank. Those in his court removed their hats as a mark of respect to him.

Ancient Romans

In ancient Rome, the Romans prayed with their heads covered. Those that were free-by-birth wore pileus or woolen caps. Romans slaves were not allowed to wear these caps.

House of Commons in London

In history, members of the London House of Commons must wear hats before addressing the House. He will be shouted down if he made an attempt to address members of the House without his hat.


In France, monks at the University of Paris or the Sorbonne removed their caps to signify agreement with others or show that they were not ready to talk.

Masonic Hats in the United States

In the United States, Worshipful Masters wear Masonic hats whenever a lodge is in session. Some Grand Lodges require that the hats must have a brim. Others do not have this requirement. They only insist that the head of the Worshipful Master must be covered.

Masonic Hats Internationally  

In various international jurisdictions, it is common to see various styles of Masonic hats worn.

Is it compulsory for the Worshipful Master to Wear a Hat?

Masonic hats are to be worn by the Worshipful Master alone. It is a privilege that he has earned. His covered head is an indication of his position, and it shows that respect belongs to him alone. But if you still have further questions about this, you can contact your Grand Lodge to get more information.

The position of the Worshipful Master is the most sacred and prestigious position in the Lodge. The position of the Worshipful Master is one of the three lesser lights of a Lodge. The other two Lesser lights are the Moon and the Sun.

The Worshipful Master is the highest-ranking officer in the lodge, and it is his duty to preserve the respect and solemnity of this historic and ancient position. He must perform his duties as one of the lesser lights of the Lodge.

Masonic hats are a symbol of the authority that a Worshipful Master holds. The Worshipful Master hats are different in various jurisdictions around the world, but the hats must have a classic and respectful style.

Styles of Masonic Hats

There are various styles of Masonic hats worn by Worshipful Masters in various parts of the United States and other jurisdictions in the world.

Styles include the bowler hat, derby hat, fedora hat, folding top hat, felt top hat and satin top hat. In other jurisdictions, they wear other kinds of Masonic hats, tams and caps.

Some Freemasons that are affiliated with Prince Hall wear white fedora hats, black top hats or white top hats.

Freemason symbols, rituals and duties vary all around the world but there is a unity in the Brotherhood regardless of this. Freemasonry is a Brotherhood consisting of many brothers from various nations around the world who speak different languages and wear different hats. They come together as one within the Brotherhood.


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