OES Pendant - 10 Pieces Zinc Alloy Golden Cup Symbol

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This OES Pendant - Golden Cup Symbols comprises ten meticulously crafted pieces. To adorn your bracelet or necklace. Each pendant intricately features the symbol of a golden cup, a representation associated with Electa and her virtue of 'endurance of persecution.'

The golden cup holds profound significance, symbolizing Electa's resilience and endurance of persecution. It signifies her unwavering strength, fortitude, and steadfastness in challenging times.

Artistically designed, these pendants eloquently capture the essence of resilience and perseverance. Whether worn as a personal emblem or gifted to symbolize strength during adversity, these pieces embody the enduring virtues exemplified by Electa.

  • Metals Type: Zinc alloy

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Money back guarantee Secure Payment Worldwide shipping