The Masonic Lodge Junior Warden

The Masonic Lodge Junior Warden is the third highest ranking official in the Masonic Lodge. He helps to ensure that the Lodge is operating smoothly. He performs the following functions:

Assistant officer: The Junior Warden is an elected officer in the Lodge. He acts like a Vice-President.

Jewel of office: The jewel of office of a Junior Warden is the Plumb. The Plumb is an instrument used by Stonemasons to determine how well aligned a vertical surface is. The Jewel is a symbol of upright behavior among Freemasons.

Refreshment: The Junior Warden sits in the South which represents the sun lies at midday. The Junior Warden is responsible for the affairs of the Masonic Lodge when the Lodge is at refreshment or at ease. The Junior Warden has to arrange meals for the Lodge. He has two stewards that are his assistants. The Junior Warden ensures that refreshments are in moderation and there is no excess. But this may not be necessary these days as alcohol is barred from most Masonic jurisdictions.

Opening of the Lodge: The Junior Warden can open the Lodge along with the Senior Warden, the Master, and the Past Master if any ranking officer is unable to attend the meeting.

As noted in an earlier blog post, Warden comes from the Middle English word called ‘Wardein,’ and the Anglo-French word called ‘gardein.’ In those days, the word means a guard.

Today, the Warden means someone in charge or someone that is in care. It means someone that is in charge of something with supervisory duties. He deals with the enforcement of laws and regulations.

Here are the specific duties of a Junior Warden today:

  1. The Junior Warden assists the Worshipful Master in performing his duties.
  2. The Junior Warden assists the Senior Warden in executing his duties.
  3. When the Senior Warden and the Worshipful Master are not around, the Junior Warden must take charge and be entrusted with the duties and powers of the Worshipful Master.
  4. The Junior Warden carries out the duties that are required of a Junior Warden as specified by the ancient duties.
  5. The Junior Warden serves as the Committee Chairman for the Refreshment and Entertainment Committee along with the Junior and Senior Stewards.
  6. The Junior Warden is responsible for all refreshments that are served at the Masonic Lodge.
  7. The Junior Warden is responsible for keeping an attendance record for all Lodge functions that involve the serving of refreshments. This attendance record is necessary to plan for all future events adequately so there will be enough food and drinks.
  8. The Junior Warden serves as a Member or even Committee Chairman for other committees that may be required by the Worshipful Master.
  9. The Junior Warden attends all Lodge functions
  10. The Junior Warden attends the Grand Lodge Annual Communication.
  11. The Junior Warden can also prefer charges against a Mason that has not behaved in a way that a Mason should behave. The Junior Warden can present these charges to the Master of the Lodge.

The Junior Warden must perform his duties well in a way that promotes peace in the Lodge and promote the Brotherhood. In several Lodges, the Junior Warden becomes the Worshipful Master in two years. The Junior Warden need to pay attention to the roles of the Senior Warden and pay attention to the ritual work of the Senior Warden as he will soon become a Senior Warden.

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