Masonic Orbs



There are a few Masonic orbs that you can find for sale. They are quite rare Masonic jewelry. A lot of them are sold as used. They are also called Masonic orbs, cross fob or golden globes. All these orbs have the symbolism and intricacies of Masonic orbs.

The orbs open into a pendant with a cross-like shape. Apart from being used as pendants, they can be used as fobs for pocket watches. The orbs contain a number of pyramids with hand engraved Masonic symbols on them. Each pyramid contains four symbols.

A lot of Masonic jewelry are 10 karat gold or 9 karat gold with gilt on the inside. Some are also made of silver. They weigh about 12.4g. When the pendants are closed, most Masonic orbs measure less than 2 cm and with a full drop of 2.5 cm when closed.

These Masonic orbs are made in an intricate and delicate manner by skilled craftsmen. A lot of attention is paid to the creation of the pyramids, the symbolic engravings on them and the way the orbs close up and open up perfectly.

The orbs open up with through hinges that are well arranged. Every section is pyramidical in shape and contains a spherical base. 

Some orbs have triangles pointing up and pointing down with each orb superimposed to form the Star of David.

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  • charles Marion

    Just came across an old orb weighs in at 35 grams…is that a normal size….plus this one has a crown on top any ideas thanks Chas

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