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The Worshipful Master

There is no greater honor for a Freemason than when he becomes elevated to the Chair as the Lodge Master or Worshipful Master of the Lodge. Most Brothers elevated to this Chair feel pleased and anxious at the same time. They receive the gavel of authority with trepidation. Preparation The Worshipful Master has various tasks and duties to perform. He has various subordinates to help him carry out this duty. The Worshipful Master office can be likened to the role of a CEO in a company. The Worshipful Master is essentially responsible for the smooth running of the Masonic Lodge.   Before becoming Worshipful Master, the Brother must be well prepared. It is essential to be well-prepared for the role,...

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The Masonic Lodge Junior Warden

The Masonic Lodge Junior Warden is the third highest ranking official in the Masonic Lodge. He helps to ensure that the Lodge is operating smoothly. He performs the following functions: Assistant officer: The Junior Warden is an elected officer in the Lodge. He acts like a Vice-President. Jewel of office: The jewel of office of a Junior Warden is the Plumb. The Plumb is an instrument used by Stonemasons to determine how well aligned a vertical surface is. The Jewel is a symbol of upright behavior among Freemasons. Refreshment: The Junior Warden sits in the South which represents the sun lies at midday. The Junior Warden is responsible for the affairs of the Masonic Lodge when the Lodge is at...

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The Masonic Lodge Senior Warden

The column of strength is a representative of Jachin which is the pillar at the right-hand side of the entrance to King’s Solomon Temple. The Senior Warden also known as the First Warden represents that column of strength. He sits in the West. Jewel of Office of the Senior Warden The jewel of office of the Senior Warden is a level. A level represents the equality among the Craft when at labor in the Masonic Lodge. Warden has its origins from ‘Wardein’ which is a Middle English word. It also takes its origins from 13th Century Anglo-French word called ‘Gardein.’ Gardein stands for guardian or guard. Today, the word ‘Warden’ has come to mean several things especially in everyday English....

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