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Masonic Old Charges

Ancient Constitutions and Old Masonic Manuscripts In the old, operative stonemason days, the Old Charges were used in making a Mason. They are known by various names including Old Records, Legends of the Craft, Old Masonic Manuscripts, Antient (old, archaic word for Ancient) Constitutions, Antient Manuscripts and Old Constitutions. The Old Charges are old, ancient documents that have been sent down to man from the 14th century. Their regulations, rules, and legends are now a part of Masonic traditional history. These ancient documents are in the form of parchment rolls and handwritten paper that have been stitched together in book form, pasted together or sewn together. Some are also in printed, modern book form. These manuscripts have ages that range...

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Rare Masonic Books

There are several Masonic books in existence. But there are a select few that are very hard to find. These ones are the rare ones. The First Masonic Book to be Published in America The very first edition of the first Masonic book to be published in America was printed by Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia in 1734. It is titled ‘The Constitutions of the Freemasons.’ It is a reprint of ‘Andersons Constitutions’ by Brother James Andersons. It was printed by William Hunter in London and published in 1723. It was published under the authority of the Grand Lodge of England. The Constitutions of the Freemasons contains the regulations, charges and history of the Freemason Brotherhood. James Anderson took his time...

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