The Masonic Lodge Senior Warden

The column of strength is a representative of Jachin which is the pillar at the right-hand side of the entrance to King’s Solomon Temple.

The Senior Warden also known as the First Warden represents that column of strength. He sits in the West.

Jewel of Office of the Senior Warden

The jewel of office of the Senior Warden is a level. A level represents the equality among the Craft when at labor in the Masonic Lodge.

Warden has its origins from ‘Wardein’ which is a Middle English word. It also takes its origins from 13th Century Anglo-French word called ‘Gardein.’ Gardein stands for guardian or guard.

Today, the word ‘Warden’ has come to mean several things especially in everyday English. But looking back at its roots, the word ‘Warden’ means someone that is in charge of something or someone that is in charge of enforcing specific rules and regulations. In essence, it means someone with an authoritative power who takes care of what is entrusted to him.

In Freemasonry, the Senior Warden is the second Officer in the Masonic Blue Lodge. The Senior Officer oversees the Craft during the hours of labor. The Major responsibility of the Senior Warden is to assist the Worshipful Master to open and close the Lodge. The Senior Warden oversees the Lodge if the Worshipful Master is not present.

Duties of the Senior Warden

The following are the duties of the Senior Warden.

  1. The Senior Warden is responsible for discharging the duties that ancient usage has assigned him.
  2. The Senior Warden is responsible for assisting the Worshipful Master in performing his duties.    
  3. Anytime the Worshipful Master is not present, the Senior Warden takes charge and has the powers of the Worshipful Master vested on him.
  4. The Senior Warden prepares items that the Master requires for the Trestleboard.
  5. The Senior Warden usually serves as the Committee chairman or member of major committees in the Lodge.
  6. The Senior Warden is usually groomed towards becoming Worshipful Master. So, part of his duties is to start preparing for his tenure as a Master. He sets goals, and he is to come up with a list of capable members to head Masonic committees during his tenure.
  7. Apart from coming up with members to head Masonic committees, the Senior Warden is responsible for the appointment of officers in preparation for his year as Master.
  8. The Senior Warden acts as a form of intermediary between the Audit Committee and the Budget Committee. The Senior Warden receives the Lodge Audit from the Audit Committee. After examining the Lodge Audit, the Senior Warden requests that the Budget Committee prepares a budget for his year as Master.
  9. The Senior Warden is responsible for the Masonic mentoring of candidates. He is in charge of selecting Masonic Mentors.
  10. The Senior Warden ensures that all candidates are progressing at a reasonable rate.
  11. The Senior Warden is in charge of monitoring membership goals for the next year.  
  12. The Senior Warden attends the District Schools of instructions.
  13. The Senior Warden attends the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge.
  14. The Senior Warden attends all Lodge communications and functions.

There are several other duties of the Senior Warden depending on the jurisdiction of the Lodge and the Grand Lodge.

As can be seen from the duties listed above, the efforts that a Senior Warden puts into his duties will go a long way in making his tenure as a Master as smooth as possible.  

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    How does the senior warden sign the register and how is his name printed in the minutes?

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