Masonic Refreshment Committee

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Every Masonic lodge has a Masonic Refreshment Committee that comprises of 3 Master Masons. They include the following:

  • The Senior or Junior Steward
  • The Senior Deacon
  • The Junior Warden who is the Chairman of the committee

Here are the duties of the Masonic Refreshment Committee   

  1. They contact the Worshipful master before every meeting and confirm the total number of guests expected and if additional guests will be expected.
  2. They ensure that the dining areas and kitchen are clean before meetings and after meetings.
  3. They ensure that all cutlery and dinnerware are clean and made available at all times.
  4. They ensure that enough drink and food is provided for guests and lodge members at all functions.

A copy of these duties and rules might be made available to members of the Refreshment Committee so that they would fully understand their Lodge duties and carry them out.

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