Masonic Lapel Pins

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     Masonic Lapel Pins

Freemasons wear recognition pins to identify with the brotherhood. The pins are also worn by other Freemason appendant bodies including Rainbow Girls, Scottish Rite, Shrine, Eastern Star, DeMolay, York Rite.

Recognition Purposes

Masonic lapel pins are worn by Freemasons to help in identifying other members along with the degree that they have attained. With this, others can be able to address them correctly. In the Easter Star appendant body, someone who has been a Past Worthy Matron.


Freemasons wear Masonic lapel pins to show an achievement like that of becoming a Master Mason. After one has been made a Mason, he can now be addressed as Brother ‘first name’ by other members of the fraternity.

Varieties of Masonic Lapel Pins

There are various masonic recognition pins available that you can purchase on Bricks Masons. They include Masonic police pins, Masonic military pins etc.

The pricing depends on the material used to make the ring and the workmanship. Pins with 10k and 14K gold are the most expensive.

The following are some popular Masonic lapel pins:

Faith Hope Charity Masonic Ribbon Lapel Pin

Masonic Money Clip and Lapel Pin Set

Shriner Golden Lapel Pin

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