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Master Mason Blue Lodge Blanket - Printed Design With Quote

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The Freemasons Printed Flannel Cashmere Masonic Blankets

Our Blankets comes in a variety of Freemasonry square and compass with G designs, making it one of the more decorative blankets you can use in home decor. Depending upon size, they can decorate the masonic home by being artistically draped over simple chairs or sofa, and can also be a excellent gift idea.

They also can provide light warmth for any member of the family. As used in living rooms and family rooms, a throw blanket is the perfect covering for an afternoon nap. Its advantage over a regular blanket is that it can quickly be spread out again in whatever arrangement one prefers after serving its purpose of providing warmth

  • Wash Style: Mechanical Wash
  • Type: Flannel blanket
  • Technics: 3D printing/thermal transfer
  • Material: Flannel/Coral Fleece
  • Grade: Grade A
  • Feature: Anti-Pilling, Wearable, Portable

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Money back guarantee Secure Payment Worldwide shipping
Money back guarantee Secure Payment Worldwide shipping