The Masonic Preparation Committee

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The Masonic preparation committee consists of three Master Masons. The three Master Masons include the following:

  • The Senior Steward
  • The Junior Steward
  • The Senior Deacon

Functions of The Masonic Preparation Committee

The Masonic Preparation Committee carry out the following functions:

  1. They ensure that the preparation room is kept spick and span.
  2. They ensure that all wardrobe for candidates are kept clean and in good state.   
  3. They ensure that all wardrobe sizes like XL, XXL, small, medium and large are readily available and kept clean.   
  4. The Masonic preparation committee lets the Secretary and Worshipful Master know about candidate wardrobe that need to be repaired or replaced.
  5. They clean all wardrobe after us to ensure optimal hygiene. Every wardrobe item must be kept clean before candidates wear them. The items could be washed privately at home or sent to cleaners for washing.

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Amir Hushinsky

Amir Hushinsky

The ones who do the hard ( with no fame) work ..are the ones who we all oue the most .

The ones who do the hard ( with no fame) work ..are the ones who we all oue the most .

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