The best books on the Knights Templar

There is no doubt that the Knights Templar is one of the most known monastic orders through history. While many rumors surrounded the group, many books were written on and about the Knights Templar. Many of them, unfortunately, consider the myths absolute truth with little respect for accuracy.

On the other hand, there are great non-fiction books that tell the actual story of the order factually with consideration to the real events.

The New Knighthood: A History of the Order of the Temple by Malcolm Barber is perhaps, one of the most remarkable writer pieces that speak of the order in an informative and enlightening manner, starting from the puzzling origins of the institution to its fall down and the speculations that surrounded it. The book perfectly studies the evidence found and comprises visual aids that help the reader understand and comprehend the chronology of events.


 If you are looking for more insight into the Trial of the Templar, you should read The Trial of the Templars by the same author. It offers a comprehensive examination of the dreadful trial of the beginning of the end of one of the most famous and powerful monastic orders in history.

If you are interested in a more straightforward narrative style, you should definitely consider The Knights Templar: A New History by Dr. Helen Nicholson. It’s a must-read for everyone interested in the history of the order. Given the fact that the book was published recently, it offers a fresh perceptive.

Another great resource is the by Karen Ralls. It’s a guide of all the personalities, events, symbols, and events concerning the Templars. It’s a great place for newcomers and scholars to start digging into the history of the order. The book also answers frequently asked questions in a direct and straightforward way.

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