The Master's Apron - A Poem By Robert Burns

The Master's Apron

By Robert Burns

There's many a badge that's very grand
With ribbon, lace and tape on
Let kings and princes wear them all,
Give me the Master's apron!

The honest craftsman's apron,
The jolly Freemason's apron,
Be he at home or roam afar,
Before his touch fall bolt and bar,
The gates of fortune fly ajar,
When he but wears the apron!

For wealth and honor, pride and power
are crumbling stones to base on
Eternity should rule the hour,
and every worthy Mason!
Each Free Accepted Mason,
Each Ancient Crafted Mason.

Then Brethren, let a wholesome song
Arouse your friendly ranks along.
Good wives and children blithely sing
To the ancient badge with the apron string
That is worn by the Master Masons!


  • Rita Wood

    Do you do copies of this poem I would like one in honour of my grandfather who was master twice of his lodge, how much would it be including postage. Thanks

  • Brother David Bourgeois


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