Treasures of The Knights Templar

The Knights Templar were famous for their spectacular war skills and techniques, as well as their great richness and wealth. As the order was a pioneer to the modern banking system, the Knights acquired great material resources over the years, which contributed to their power and influence in Europe and the Middle East.

After their trial in France in the 13th century, most members were executed, although it is said that the order kept operating in many European countries under different names. Their treasures, however, remained secret and unfound.

In 2019, in Acre, Israel, a group of archaeologists, as part of a national Geographic documentary, discovered secret tunnels that were built and used by the Templars to transport gold to their holy place, “the treasure tower.”

For centuries, many historians have tried to discover their artifacts.

But they were masters of keeping their treasures well-hidden underground that None of the Templar’s treasures have been found until 2020, where two treasure hunters claimed to have discovered a hoard of relics that belonged to the order. In a documentary under the name of “Lost relics of The Knights Templar,” using revolutionary methods and technologies, the hunters reveal the history of the hoard and how it could change everything we know about the Knights.

The Templars remain one of the most secretive organizations in history and perhaps one of the most powerful as well. Their strength stretched from the Middle East, where they first started and hoarded their treasures, to Europe, where they remained strong and untouched for over two centuries.

The mystery surrounding their wealth led the author to write his famous book “The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar.” It offers a new perspective and discusses the connection between the Oak Island Money Pit and the lost treasure of the Templars.

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