The Speculations Surrounding the Knights Templar

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The Knights Templar have been the center of myths and speculations since its first appearance in Jerusalem in the twelfth century and after their dismantlement.  Over the years, several theories have been formed about their wealth, religious ideas and practices, and even their actions outside Europe.

However, that does not come as a surprise. The Knights were always secretive about their lives and rituals, which left space for speculations to merge. Yet, knowing the truths from the rumors about such an unforthcoming monastic order is challenging.

When the order’s last grandmaster was executed, the Knights were brought to an end. However, their disbandment was only in France. In order to survive in other countries, like Scotland, Portugal, Germany, Spain, and Ireland, the Templars had to take cautious measures, which led to renaming the order in Aragon as the Order of Montesa, and in Portugal, they went by the Order of Christ. It is said that the Templars went underground and that they still exist today. Yet, it is hard to prove or disprove it.

The myths also surround the treasures of the order. The wealth possessed by the Knights Templar were one of the sources of their power. However, the treasures supposedly owned by them were not discovered even after their fall down. In the end, the Templars were rich, and they were secretive about the location of their riches. One treasure, in particular, caused the rise of rumors. It was called Baphomet, and they used it as a guardian to find treasures and keep them. The shape and appearance of the statues were unknown by the public, which made King Philip hopelessly want it.

The Templars emerged and disappeared a long time ago. Many speculations show that they were not fully banished, and they survived in some European countries, under different names.

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