Rules of The Templars and Punishments

Rules of The Templars and Punishments

Living monastically does not come at a low price. In fact, every monastic order has a set of rules by which members need to abide in order to keep the order well-governed. The Knights Templar also had their own regulations that contributed to the discipline of the order's members. The Templar Rule was drawn up in 1128 by Bernard of Clairvaux with the assistance of others. The document shows the Templars' rules and the punishments members may face if they don't respect the laws. When accused of a violation, the offender must confess in front of the brethren and the commander, who then decides what penalty to apply. If the violation is small or the member was to be innocent, no charges will be held against him. If, however, the breach was major, the case will be taken to the General Chapter.

There is a particular punishment for every rule's infraction. However, being expelled and forced to leave the order was considered the most extreme punishment a member could encounter. The General Chapter then forces the expelled member to join the Cistercians, a monks' order close to the Templars. The expulsion was caused by serious violations like killing a fellow Christian, revealing private information about the order and, engaging in sodomy or a heresy act. Spreading rumors about a knight or accusing him of dishonest acts. Members who left the Temple's house, without permission, for more than a couple of days were also faced with expulsion.

Another punishment that is known in the order is the loss of habit. The guilty member was stripped of his weapons, mount, and habits. Anyone who fought with a Templar, told lies about themselves, killed or lost a pack of animals or a slave, engaged in sexual acts, or left the Commandery without permission, among other violations, was faced with the loss of the order's habit.

However, these crimes could be forgiven if the guilty brother regretted his actions and the brethren agreed to give him his weapons and habit back, usually after 366 days.




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