Ring Sizing

To get an accurate measure of your ring size, it is best that you measure the actual inner circumference of your ring finger.

The Right Ring Sizing

It is best that you get your finger size correct before you order your ring. This is better than buying a ring that isn’t appropriately sized and having the ring upsized or downsized after purchase.

It is best to decide the finger that you want to wear the ring and determine your ring size at local jewelry stores before placing an order at our online store. There, you can try on various rings and find the best fit for you.

Inaccurate Ring Sizing Methods

All the ring sizing methods below are wrong and won’t give you accurate results.

Inaccurate Printable Ring Size Chart

There are some jewelry sites that have a printable ring size chart that can be printed out. But some changes can occur due to the way the printer compiles the data to print the chart. The printer can print the data differently from the way it was on screen.  

Every printer print data quite differently. If you print out the ring size chart perfectly and you cut out the hole. If you place the finger inside the hole and the hole is bent or stretched a tiny bit, you will get an inaccurate ring size.

Inaccurate String Method

Some people recommend that you use a string to determine your ring size. This will give you inaccurate results. The string stretches a lot, and it is very difficult to get an accurate ring size by using string.

The Masonic ring you buy must pass over your knuckle, and your knuckle is most likely larger than the base of your finger. So, you might end up buying a ring that will be too tight to pass over your knuckle if you use a string to take measurements. Hence, string is inaccurate.

Time of The Day, Humidity and other factors

The size of the fingers changes according to various factors like the time of the day, diet, temperature and humidity. It is best to take measurements at room temperature and not after some events that could change the temperature of the body. Exercise, showering and cold winter weather could affect the size of the fingers and could lead to inaccurate ring size measurement. The best time to measure ring size is towards the end of the day when the fingers are largest.

International Ring Sizes    

Ring sizes vary for each country. If you are purchasing your Masonic ring from another country, it is best that you cross-reference the size of the ring against an international chart so you can choose the correct ring size that is equal to the ring sizing chart in your country.

In the United States and Canada, ring sizes are between size 0 and size 16. The ring sizes include quarter sizes and half sizes. The standard ring size of men in the United States ranges between size 8 and size 14.

In Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland, ring sizes vary between size A and size Z4. They also include half sizes.

In Germany and France, the actual inner circumference is measured in millimeters.

In Japan and China, ring sizes vary between size 1 and 27.

In Switzerland, ring sizes vary between size 1.5 and size 28.75. They also include quarter and half sizes.

The Correct Finger Must be Measured for Jewelry Sizing

The fingers on your left hand are not the same size as the fingers on your right hand. If you are righthanded, the fingers on your right hand will be larger than the fingers on your left hand and vice-versa. The exact finger that you want to wear the ring on must be measured.

Ring Re-Sizing

It is not every kind of ring that can be resized. Some rings that are gold-plated can’t be resized. Rings that are also made of titanium or tungsten steel can’t be resized. Rings that are very thin, rings that are very wide, rings that have intricate mountings and rings with stones in them can’t be resized.

It is best that you take your time and perform ring sizing before you purchase a ring. This way you will avoid having to resize the ring or return it.

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