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Question: Why do Freemasons wear Masonic shirts?

Answer: Freemasons wear Masonic shirts for the same reasons that they wear Masonic rings, cufflinks and other Masonic jewelry and apparel. They wear them to identify with the brotherhood and show that they are proud to be a Freemason.

Question: Are Masonic Shirts That Useful?

Answer: Yes, they are. Sports fans wear jerseys of their favorite teams to show them support and as a sign of the love they have for their teams. There is no reason why you shouldn’t do the same as a Freemason.  

There are also some other reasons which will be expatiated further in the following subheadings.

The Growth of Masonic Lodges

Freemasons have a responsibility to help the lodges grow. It is not only the individual lodges and Grand Lodges that have to work for the growth of Masonic lodges. Brothers also have a part to play. As brothers, we work together for the promotion and growth of the brotherhood. We wear Masonic shirts to promote the cause.

Brotherly Love

Masonic shirts are worn by Freemasons at charity events, fundraisers, lodge events, open meetings etc. 

Freemasonry is a unique brotherhood that promotes develops moral, spiritual and social values among members and help them become better for the betterment of the society and making the world a better place.

Freemasonry help brothers find the true light and guide them on the right path that shows love, relief and truth to others. 

Wear Masonic Shirts as Often as You Can

When people see you wearing Masonic shorts, they might get curious and ask you about the brotherhood. This way, you can tell them about Freemasonry and tell them why you choose to become a Freemason. You can invite them to your lodge so that they can meet other lodge members. This way, we can ensure that we promote the growth of Freemasonry. 

Here are some Freemason shirts that you can find on Bricks Masons.

You can check this link for more Masonic shirts. We now accept custom orders so you can create your own designs and order in bulk for your lodge or your personal use. We have a team of expert designers that can help you bring life to your designs. 

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