How Did Bernard de Clairvaux Influenced the Knights Templar

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After the first Crusade, Hugues de Payens, alongside a group of knights, approached King Baldwin II of Jerusalem requesting to form an order. It aimed to protect pilgrims coming to the Holy Hand. However, the idea of monks spilling blood was not to be welcomed by the public yet. Despite having the support of the king, the founder knew that he needed a strong alliance.

Hugues de Payens comes from France, where his name was familiar in Europe's most noble courts. At this point, western aid what much needed.

Hugues traveled through Europe, moving in high circles, meeting with rulers and noblemen. He was able to recruit a large number of new knights to join the order.

However, he needed to convince the Christian society of Jerusalem, which is why he repeatedly requested Bernard de Clairvaux's support.

Bernard was a well-known abbot whose alliance would guarantee the success of the order. He was born into a family of nobles and received good education during his early life.

Although being busy with the management of the monastery, he finally got back at Hugues. The two French men had a friend in common, Count Hugh de Champagne, who gave Bernard the land to build his Clairvaux. On the other hand, Hugh spent a reasonable period of his life in the Count's court. In 1125, the Count gave up everything, his tile, wife, and power to join the Knights Templar and fight in the Crusades.

Bernard sent an encouragement letter to Hugues, praising the order and humiliating the Christian Knighthood in Europe. He also wrote The Rule, which is the first official document to regulates the Templars' life. The rule of Saint Benedict inspired it. The rule was modified in 1138 after it was translated to French. However, it was a changing event in the history of the order.

The support of Bernard de Clairvaux was everything the Templars needed to become such an influential order.

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