A Close Look to The Templars Day-to-Day Life

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The Knights Templar is a Christian order founded initially by Hugh de Payens and Bernard of Clairvaux in times of the Crusades. Although the Templars took part in many Crusades, they were an individual order whose rules, regulations, and daily life differ from the rest of the orders.

They are mainly known for their military achievements, incredible wealth, and ultimate downfall. Nonetheless, between battling, trading, and engaging in rituals, the Templars had an interesting day-to-day life that is similar to monks in the Medieval Times.

Being a monastic order in the Middle Ages, being regulated and governed by rules is only natural. The Templars followed “the Rule,” which was written by Bernard, the founder of the organization. It comprises a set of regulations that organizes every aspect of the Templar’s lives. Generally speaking, it calls them to resist the secular knighthood and fight for the word of God, and also to take chastity and poverty vows. Any sexual acts were solely prohibited and punished.

The Templars led a life similar to the monks, which meant they were allowed to possess a few things only, despite the great wealth of their organization. They could have close to 3000 acres of land, just enough to maintain their armor and support their household. All property was in moderation. 

As the order grew in power and strength, the dress code of the members went through modifications to keep up with all the advancements in war garments. During the Crusades, the Templars had to carry shields, lances, swords, and three knives each.

When not at war, the Templars were monks with a strict daily routine. The members of the order, known as The Brothers, were expected to leave bed at 4 am for the canonical hours and to care for their horses. Then, they had to get up again for the Prime services, followed by a Tierce and a Sect at 12.  Between the services, their daily routine included dining in complete silence.

Group values, complete obedience, and contemplation were all characteristics highly valued by the Templars.

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