The Templars and the Holy Grail

The Holy Gail is allegedly the Cup that Jesus Christ used in the Last Supper. It is also thought that it’s the same cup that Joseph collected with the blood of Jesus at the cross. It is often seen in many cultures around the world as a miraculous cup that brings youth and happiness. Since the medieval ages, it has been a subject of mystery and curiosity.


In fact, there are many superstitions and legends around the Holy Grail, which makes it difficult for historians to know the truth. 

Perhaps one of the most well-known legends is King Arthur’s and his principal quest for the Holy Grail.

Many believe that the Knights Templar, a medieval monastic order that started in Jerusalem, took the cup and hid it away from the sights.

As they aren’t many records of the Medieval ages, it’s difficult to explain the connection of the Templars to the Holy Grail. 

It is possible that the Knights found the Holy Grail when they inhabited the Temple Mount and stored it somewhere else, taking into their consideration their international connections.

The question raised is what happened to the     Holy Grail after the Templars’ trial. There are two theories concerning that: North or South. The first assumes that it was taken to a secret fortress in Paris, but after the King of France turned on them, they sent it to Scotland. The latter presumes that the Templars took the grail to Portugal, a country they have helped build after they left Cyprus.

Regardless of what we know today about the Holy Grail and its connection to the Knights Templar is truth or legend, it’s still an essential element of Medieval history and popular culture. It has inspired many famous books and movies, notably the Da Vince Code by Dan Brown.

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