The Masonic Letter ‘G’

The Masonic Letter ‘G’

The Masonic Letter ‘G’ is a letter that represents God and Geometry. It is a reminder to every Freemason that every act they carry out is done in the presence of God, the Master Architect of the Universe.

‘G’ represents the letters four and science five.

The letters four stand for ‘YHWH’ which is the Hebrew name of the Master Architect of the Universe. ‘YHWH’ is pronounced ‘YahWay.’ It is also translated as Jehovah. This is the real word used to call the Master Architect of the Universe in early biblical manuscripts.

The 5th science is Geometry. Geometry is the mathematical science or the scientific basis for Masonry and Architecture.

The exact time when the letter ‘G’ became part of the Masonic Square and Compass symbol is unknown, but it is between 1730 and 1768 in the United States. It is not all the Masonic jurisdictions in the world that place the letter G between the Square and Compass.

The Letter G in Various Languages  

In Hebrew, the letter G is called Gimel or Gheemel with a numerical value of 3. All through history, there is a reference to the number 3 anytime the Master Architect, the Creator of the Universe is spoken of.

Gimel is the 3rd letter of many languages like Hebrew, Aramaic, Phoenician, Syriac and Greek. The form of the letter G in various languages is as below:

Hebrew: Gimel

Phoenician: Gamma

Aramaic: Gammal

Syriac: Gamal/Gomal

Greek: Gamma


The Letter ‘G’ Through The Ages

B.C.E stands for Before Common Era while C.E represents Common Era or Current Era or Christian Era. C.E is used to refer to a system of recurring years that is equivalent to A.D. which is an abbreviation for Anno Domini. It is a Latin for ‘In the year of our Lord.’

Research on these ancient languages was carried out by scholars who studied hieroglyphics which were carved into stone. The years that these hieroglyphics were carved were determined by the scholars. They examined mummies and their wooden coffins to make more accurate findings.

The letter ‘G’ is the 20th letter in the Ethiopian alphabet, the 5th letter in the Arabic alphabet, the 7th letter in the Romanic, Latin and English alphabet and it holds other positions in other alphabets.

These languages are more recent than the ancient languages. The changes in the position of the letter ‘G’ in these alphabets is as a result of the changes in the letter ‘G’ all through the centuries.

The letter ‘G’ stands for Geometry and the Great Architect of the Universe. It means the Geometry under the Great Architect of the Universe.

The Master Architect of the Universe watches all our thoughts, utterances and deeds, the same way he watches the sun, moon and stars. We are accountable to him, and we must live a responsible life. 


  • Alex Haya

    G in Frank masonry is Gea the original name of planet Earth and from that we have Geometry, not God since God in other languages is not God. Dios in Latin and so on.

  • Yasser

    Also 3rd in Arabic language (Abjadia) and called gim.

  • Famubi Ngulube

    I want to learn freemasonry and it’s relationship with God.please send me information that will help me understand

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