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The Masonic Preparation Committee

The Masonic preparation committee consists of three Master Masons. The three Master Masons include the following: The Senior Steward The Junior Steward The Senior Deacon Functions of The Masonic Preparation Committee The Masonic Preparation Committee carry out the following functions: They ensure that the preparation room is kept spick and span. They ensure that all wardrobe for candidates are kept clean and in good state.    They ensure that all wardrobe sizes like XL, XXL, small, medium and large are readily available and kept clean.    The Masonic preparation committee lets the Secretary and Worshipful Master know about candidate wardrobe that need to be repaired or replaced. They clean all wardrobe after us to ensure optimal hygiene. Every wardrobe item...

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The Masonic Grievance Committee

It is understood that no matter how united Brothers are, there may arise one or two issues that can cause disputes between them. The Masonic Grievance Committee is needed to help resolve any grievance that may arise between Masonic Brothers. They act as intermediaries to resolve issues that may exist between a Lodge and a Brother.     The Grievance Committee in Lodges could have rules that slightly vary from one another. It is advisable that you obtain a copy of bylaws and the Constitution of the Grand Lodge from your country or state. Regardless of the slight differences, here is a basic guide to the formation of a Masonic Grievance Committee. The Masonic Grievance Committee typically consists of three to...

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